I ended up having 5 hard inquiries on my credit report from different companies (which I was completely unaware of until reviewing my free credit score profile). I don't feel that they made the consumer aware enough of their process being that I am not the only one with the same issue.

Why would anybody want to damage their score like that? They have to be aware that this is not in the consumer's best interest.

I don't agree with their practice and I am advising everybody to please STAY away from them. Do your own research on the best banks and choose between those when applying.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: You wouldn't be able to correct my credit score or inquiries..

Location: Hollywood, Florida

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I had the same problem, 4 hard inquires on my credit report before I even talked to anyone, I gave NO ONE permission to pull my credit except the initial inquiry on the Lending tree web site. my score dropped from 701 to 660 in 12 hours.

I'm told I need to have a 720 for want I want to do.The Lending tree web page says "We promise this will never effect your credit score!" (or something close to that).I had 18 different companies calling me starting at 8:04 the morning after I made the inquiry, plus a few emails and text messages. I have some of these companies calling up to 6 times. One example: Quicken Loans has called me 6 times, I have talked to 4 different people who hand me off to a "Senior Loan Officer who specializes in bla bla bla" and they have no notes on the previous calls.

I asked them to take me off their calling list and I still got a call from another one of their reps the next morning.Big mistake, I trusted the "Promise" on the Lending tree webpage. I am very disappointed and discouraged.


When you're home loan shopping you basically get one "hit" to your credit score no matter how many inquiries you have for a shopping around period of what is "probably" 30 days. So yes, LT is a pain with all of the spam that gets generated, but you're only taking the one hit to your actual credit score. Hope that helps.


no real info on what happened in this case. bad payments maybe or customer service issue? unsure

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