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Yes I have contacted them on several occasions. they have responded with smirks and rudeness.

I think this company is unfair of how they respond to you. I just wanted another loan since I have paid it off. I will never contact them again. I feel like they have done me a favor.

They have a high interest rate and get their money above and beyond. I have never missed a payment or even been late. My credit is getting better but I just wanted to pay off my credit cards and get my credit status better.

But they wont give me a chance to do this. So they lost a good customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lendingtree Loan.

Reason of review: no to loan process.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Houston, TX 77089, USA

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I just want my money back from con these couches are no good they said it’s where in tear I paid warranty in an extended warranty I just want to know what’s going to happen I want my money back or new couches they’re bad they’re recliners and once you recline you could fit the board on it they’re not good so do not ever go to buy anything I can’t they’re bad they don’t listen they just want to sell you and get their money whatever they get but they’re no good went to complain and complain they don’t do nothing about it I’ve been complaining from since day one about these couches and I’ve been calling and calling and calling and nobody has said anything all they said is wear and tear and that wearing care they cameOnce they came and put sponging it in the second time he came and took pictures about it he said it real bad and then next thing you know when he goes and takes the pictures the person that seen the pictures sent they’re not bad they’re just where in tear *** these couches suck so whoever goes to Conns please do not go to Conns I’m trying to see who else has bad problems with Conns I know there’s a the rating is low so if you have any questions just call me 720-266-****

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