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I was trying to use their loan calculator to determine what amount I could take out. I ended up somehow doing a credit application that I had no idea I was doing.

I didn't figure there would be harm from it since I did not give my social security number. But within 2 days I had 6 hard inquiries that I did not authorize. I'm sure I authorized it somehow in the fine print. How can they pull your credit without your social security number?

Additionally, my phone is ringing non-stop from all the creditors trying to offer me loans. Despicable business practice!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lendingtree Customer Care.

Reason of review: Unknown credit inquiries.

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Yes!!!! This same thing happened to me!

OMG! I am so frustrated! I entered information thinking I would get a list of Lenders of whom I would contact at my leisure. Suddenly, my phone started to ring off the hook like crazy!

Lenders were calling to say they'd received my application and had approvals for me. I asked how they could have approvals without checking my credit, to which they replied that not only had they did a hard inquiry, but there were 5 hard inquiries! WHAT?!!!

I'm so very upset - I asked the one Lender to remove, they refused. I'm just stuck with those 5 inquiries for the next 2 years!

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