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Applied for a home equity loan. Submitted all the required paperwork and received a pre approval.

UNTIL they sent their appraiser out to my home and undervalued it over 100,000 dollars. Suddenly my home went from a worth of approx. 220,000 dollars to 114,000 at the same time a home exactly like mine just 1 door down sold for 235,000, and they would not correct it. So even with good credit, etc, I was denied based on their very own error.

Not every loan institution can be trusted to not *** Up. Save your time and energy, go local and pay for your own appraisal. At least that way you know it will be correct. At any rate, skip this one.

I can deal with rejection at 69 years old but what is unacceptable to me was the total and complete ineptitude and error of their appraisal and the subsequent refusal to correct it even after it could be easily proven by the Sold homes in the development. There has not been a home sold around here for 114,000 dollars in over 30 years.

If it wasn't so sad that as large as this place is, they could not afford an experienced appraiser and/or refused to correct a wrong one, it would be hilarious. Unfortunately people's lives are affected with this level of ineptitude and that is inexcusable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lendingtree Loan.

Location: Media, Pennsylvania

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Follow up to my Review of last December. In March of this year I applied for and received the home equity loan from a local bank who sent a qualified Home appraiser out here and appraised my home at the real worth of over 200,000, giving me a low interest loan.

Lending Tree is still spamming me with e mails. They really tried to put the screws to me with their shady appraisal and high interest offer based on that incorrect sloppy appraisal. Even had my home listed in a whole other district and a twin with no garage and in the picture their appraiser took you can clearly see a single home with attached garage. They got the school district wrong as well as the town I live in.

How sloppy is that? Don't use Them.

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